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Welcome to the Creative POD Squad

Creative POD squad is a homeschool co-op that was created through a passion of sharing a love for creative learning. Creativity is Contagious!  Our general age range is roughly between ages 6 to 11, going into 1st grade through rising 6th grader. With this diverse age group they are learning together, cheering each other on & building long lasting friendships.  

Email Kim Coon for more information:


This year we have a few options for our exciting 2022-2023 program. We will be offering a one day a week, two day a week or an option to purchase the plans and get the kits for each month.

Co-op Hours: 10 - 3pm

Our academic subjects are social subjects, including health, science, geography, art history, and music. We learn by listening, simple note-taking and/or drawing our notes, experimenting, and doing hands-on activities.


Tuesdays are our academic days.  Extension work will be completed at home in the workbooks or provided through our private Facebook group.


Thursday is our specials/electives day. Our Not your Mom series will split into 3 quarters for the mornings throughout the year. Our afternoons will be independent work and a fun learning period with speakers & rotating subjects.

 “The first year of this pod was truly amazing and no matter if the child was 5 or 12, they both learned and got the most out of it at their capacity. Each child brings a new question to the table, a new way of interpreting and the young children teach the old children patience and the older children teach the young children how to be respectful in a classroom. A beautiful blend”. 

Kim Coon

 Creative POD Squad Program Director & Lead Teacher.

For More Information:

Join Our

Homeschool Association 

We are now accepting new members. We are offering a discounted rate of $35 per family thru January 31st. Starting January 1st the fee will be $50 per family. With our association, we are offering student tracking, curriculum packages, class/event/camp discounts, monthly field trips, and more!

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