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About Studio 43*19

Our Vision

The Studio 43*19 “Art Playground” is a creative local Myrtle Beach studio. Our goal is to provide energy, inspiration and creativity through brilliant opportunities.

We offer fresh new classes, workshops and ideas for individuals and our community to discover their artist within. Artists create freely and achieve dreams with us.

We are thrilled to cultivate artistic collaborations, through art socials, events, private parties, kids clubs and amazing online content.

We love our community and serve a vast array of artists of all ages and styles. Here you will find numerous fun and intriguing avenues for children and adults to play, learn and develop their creativity.

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Who We Are

The place to be creative In Myrtle Beach, SC. You’ll discover inspiration & creativity while making your own creations. Find your “artist” within! Come to the “Art Playground” and let yourself go! You’ll be able to relax and enjoy while expressing your imagination through art! Remember, art has no age limits!

Meet The Team

Studio 43*19

Art Playground

Inspiration + Creativity

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